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Dancing since the age of 4, Melanie's passion for dance has led her to perform on many stages, around the world. With a BFA in Dance and Performing Arts from York University she and has taught, adjudicated, and choreographed dancers across Canada and the US. Originally from Toronto Canada, she has made Los Angeles her home for the past decade, where she works as a dancer and choreographer on stage and on set in TV & Film. Her choreography has been seen in showcases and concerts across North America.  Her dynamic career achievements include commercials for Sony, Budweiser, Ford, Honda, Hulu, TedX, and Blue Shield of California commercial. Her passion for dancing has been the driving force for her entire life; she founded a non-profit organization called Fostering Dreams Project that partners with organizations and school districts to bring a comprehensive curriculum designed to enrich the lives of foster youth both academically and socially; providing support systems and community.



Making Dance Accessible For Everyone To Find Their Joy And Freedom

Imagine a world where all people of any age can be fully self-expressed, unafraid to be who they are, and live in their truth. That's a world I aim to create in my dance classes. To dance is to be free. If we can tap into our joy, and the freedom to be who we are, I believe we can live a more harmonious life. 

The Freedom Dance Technique was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of being forced to stay at home, I felt confined within these 4 walls and needed movement more than ever.  With over 20 years of dance training, I've comprised modalities of meditation, dance therapy, and ecstatic dance to help people find freedom within their mind and body to release tension and bring joy to their life.


Upcoming Events

Healing Journey Through Dance
Thu, Jul 23
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Jul 23, 12:00 PM PDT
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* Reawaken your inner JOY * Find FREEDOM in your mind, body and soul * Release blocked emotional energy * Let go of what no longer serves you * Re-ignite your passion for LIFE

" Accept each moment as an unpredictable miracle."

Pam Grout

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